Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance

When your trees need care, trust the professionals that get the job done right. Forester Tree Service is committed to providing high-quality expert tree care. We provide value-added services at competitive rates, use innovative tools and techniques, and adhere to accredited industry standards. Whether you are seeking tree pruning in Mequon or a tree removal in Wauwatosa, Forester Tree Service can help.

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Tree And Shrub Pruning

Proper pruning is needed to maintain the health of a tree in an urban environment. Proper pruning is as much of an art form as a skill; It is our job as trained arborists to maintain proper plant health, improve the quality of flowers or fruit set, train a plant’s growth pattern, restrict growth, and identify structural problems and or potential hazards within a tree or shrub.

Proper pruning is important because it:

  • Removes dead, rubbing, diseased, and interfering branches
  • Improves the overall aesthetic appearance
  • Provides proper clearance away from walkways, streets, utility lines, and structures
  • Can alleviate potential hazards
  • Improves the overall health of the tree

We prune in accordance with ANSI A300 standards for tree care operations.

Tree Removal

Often trees in urban environments are situated in areas that can be hazardous to structures as well as humans and pets. It is our job, as trained arborists, to assess the structural integrity of a tree as it relates to our clients’ assets and personal safety.

If a tree is determined to be unsafe, or there is some other need for the tree to be removed, we are equipped with some of the most innovative tools and practices to safely remove trees on your property with the least amount of damage to your lawn.


Trees are often more important to our landscape than we realize. Most people know that trees and shrubs are valuable; they improve our surroundings aesthetically, purify air, make oxygen, save energy through shade in summer and act as a wind break in the winter.

What most people do not realize is that trees and shrubs actually carry a tangible value. Replacing a tree or putting in a new one can increase the value of your property. A properly maintained landscape with a mixture of young and mature trees can account for 15% or more of a property’s fair market value.

We offer design advice and site suggestions in choosing the right tree or shrub for your property. Our team is trained in proper planting techniques that will help your tree or shrub continue to flourish for many years to come.

Stump Grinding

After a tree has been removed it is often advantageous to get rid of the stump. Stump grinding is an affordable and effective way to make room for grass and other vegetation.

Whether you need the stump completely gone or removed just below the surface, Forester Tree Service can grind to depths of 18 inches.

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Trees in urban areas may need cabling to help support weak branching structure. We have a variety of options to choose from…avert damage to your property and potential injury while saving your tree from having to be removed.

Dynamic and Static Cabling Systems

A dynamic cabling system allows a tree to grow while a weak location on the tree is strengthened over time. The benefit to this system is that it can be adjusted as the tree grows and there is no drilling or damage as a result of the system.

Static Cabling Systems

Static systems are designed for damaged trees that present an imminent danger of failure or are too heavy to be supported by dynamic systems. The downside to this system is that is that slight damage occurs to the tree; it is permanent and will have to be replaced over time.