Tree Root Care 101

Trees are a beautify addition to any landscape, when thinking about tree care we often find most people focus on what the tree looks like. Which pruning and ensuring the canopy of the tree is healthy, tree health starts just below the surface, the roots.tree root care 101

Ensuring the roots of the tree are well cared for and healthy, will lead to a beautiful tree scape in your yard for years to come. Establishing a strong foundation to allow your tree to maintain its strength and beauty is essential to taking care of your trees.

Taking time each year to give your trees base vitalization and care isn’t time consuming and can be broken down into four parts

  • Revitalize your roots. Once a year use a hand cultivator or a tiller and carefully loosen the top 2 – 3 inches of soil. This will alleviate any compaction from last years snow and allows water and air to reach the roots.
  • Water them frequently. Check out our previous post for more details) Brown grass and dry soil are two indicators of thirsty trees, which require up to 10 gallons of water twice weekly. Also, by taking a shovel and lightly turing over the top 2” of soil, if the dirt is dry throughout, your trees are thirsty.
  • Perform regular checkups. First, find the tree drip line. This is the outermost circumference of a tree canopy, where water drips from and onto the ground. Dig a hole out of this area and determine if the soil is dry, wet or compacted. You can check by hand, or by forming the soil into a ball. If the soil is adequately moist, it can be formed into a ball with little pressure.
  • Apply a layer of mulch over tree roots. Mulch will not only keep moisture where your tree needs it, but will also add to your lawns over all look, buy overing a spot of dirt with a vibrant colored mulch. Just keep it 6” away form the tree trunk and 4” deep.

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